ONLY SILK Affordable, luxurious clothes that you will love

Silk is natural, luxurious and known from ancient years. Because silk clothes are soft and help to regulate body temperature, they are perfect for every day both in winter and summer. We choose for you best silk items that are affordable and stylish.

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product_photo SILKSPUN SLEEVELESS V NECK DRESS Perhaps our most ideal travel dress, the Sleeveless V Neck is both practical and elegant. With a higher waistline and V neck and drawstring waist, it flatters every figure. $121.00 #Silkliving #Dress #72%Silk #13%Merino #15%Cotton
product_photo Ornate floral ruffle-trim top in silk | J.Crew The top that instantly pulls together any outfit, thanks to its silk fabric and ruffly trim. Body length: 25 1/2. Silk. Dry clean. Import. $78.00 #J.CREW #Top #100%Silk
product_photo CELLULAR LEGLINER The legging to choose for situations of extreme cold. The combination of 80% silk and 20% merino, along with the textured 3D structure of the stretch Cellular fabric, ensures that maximum warmth is trapped next to the skin. $111.00 #Silkliving #Pants #80%Silk #20%Merino
product_photo PURESILK BRIEFS These silk briefs are wonderfully comfortable. The smooth fabric with flat waistband and enclosed elastic will ensure a smooth line under clothing. The 100% natural silk is breathable, moisture absorbent and soft, making it the perfect underwear for sensitive skins. $37.00 #Silkliving #Underwear #100%Silk
product_photo SILKSPUN SWING SKIRT This is a flattering half-circle skirt in midi length. The soft jersey silk fabric falls from the hips. Elastic casing waist and drawstring tie in self fabric. Such a wearable, comfortable skirt! $185.00 #Silkliving #Skirt #72%Silk #13%Merino #15%Cotton
product_photo SILKSPUN PANELLED SKIRT An A-line skirt constructed from 6 panels and featuring a stretchy ribbed waistband. Comfortable silk/merino/cotton knit fabric. $114.00 #Silkliving #Skirt #72%Silk #13%Merino #15%Cotton
product_photo PURESILK CREPE-DE-CHINE SKIRT A classic and versatile A-line silk skirt in luxurious 100% silk Crepe-de-Chine. $111.00 #Silkliving #Skirt #100%Silk
product_photo SILKSPUN LONGLINE CARDIGAN his longer length cardigan with open front is the ideal garment for between seasons; it has more coverage than a waist-length cardigan but is not as heavy as a jacket. $148.00 #Silkliving #Sweater #72%Silk #13%Merino #15%Cotton
product_photo SILKSPUN CARDIGAN One of our most popular items, the Silkspun Cardigan is a wardrobe essential. Perfect for any season, the silk, merino and cotton blend fabric is light and luxurious. $114.00 #Silkliving #Sweater #72%Silk #13%Merino #15%Cotton
product_photo KNIT/WOVEN SLEEVELESS DRESS This such an easy dress to wear. The full skirt is very forgiving and the 100% silk fabric feels amazing. Draw in the waist to where suits you and enjoy the comfort of the ribbed bodice in our soft silk/merino/cotton blend. $161.00 #Silkliving #Dress #72%Silk #13%Merino #15%Cotton